Yongsan Electronics Market


You don’t have to be a gadget guro, techy, or electronics lover to want to check out the Yongsan Electronics Market. This massive market sprawls behind Yongsan station and is comprised of 5 large buildings and over 2000 shops both inside and out. If it plugs in a wall or is battery operated you can find it here as well as every cord, computer part, cd, game, or gadget you could every dream of.   Electronic lovers be warned, if you head to the market you may find yourself lost in the maze of shops for days. Korea is the 2nd largest electronics consumer in the world and wandering around can easily put that into perspective.


I love my computer, phone, and gadgets as much as the next person, but when I found myself needing an item I was less then excited to make the trip. However, when I got to the market, I suddenly became a kid in a candy shop.   I was able to find the software I had come to purchase within minutes.   I walked to the street vendors selling every movie, game, and software ever made and asked for my item. Somehow they were effortlessly able to retrieve the CD from their massive collection of booklets. Talk about organization! If you don’t speak Korean do not fear!  Many vendors speak some English and if not, they can find someone who speaks English to assist you.  With a little negotiation I purchased the CD and continued to walk around, not sure what direction to look in as I was surrounded by technology.




So what exactly can you find here? Each building and floor is zoned into different categories making for organized chaos. A shopping trip to the electronics market, like many of Seoul’s markets, is always an intense, chaotic experience. For those interested in building computers, the Yongsan electronic market offers millions of parts. You can buy individual items or pay a merchant to build a computer for you.


Lost or forgot a certain cord or charger while in Seoul? No fear the market surely will have it as well as converters, USB, and memory card storage and cases. Home appliances such as rice cookers, vacuums and hair straighter are also sold in several of the buildings. If you’re looking for fun gadgets like blue tooth speakers, light up ear buds, or cell phone cases many of the stores carry these items.



Prices are very reasonable and often can be negotiated. Americans visiting the shop find that prices are similar to sale prices in the U.S. Foreigners coming from countries that have higher electronic prices will be sure to find a bargain for what they are looking for here. Want additional savings? Carry cash and most merchants will give you a 5-10% discount.


Najin, Seonin, Wonhyo:  9:30am-7:30pm

Electronics Land: 10:00am-7:30pm

Terminal Market: 10:00am-8:00pm

Space 9: 10:00 am- 8:00 pm

Many of the markets are closed the first and third Sunday of Each month.


Subway:  Yongan Station (Line 1)  Exit 2 – Market is directly across from the Station

Sinyongsan Station (Line 4)  Exit 5




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