Tokyo in Picture

International Destination:  
Tokyo in Picture

Nihombashi River

Convenience Store Dinning

Asahi Headquarters Building

Denbouin Street, Asakusa

Sky Tree Tower from Denbouin Street

Sensoji Temple

Sound Hotel near the JR Line- Yikes!

Taxis, Driving is on the Left side of the road in Japan

Tokyo National Museum

Pachinko Game

Shibuya Crossing- The busiest Crosswalk in Tokyo

 Vending Machine Restaurant

Shinjuku Washington Hotel- Catch your own dinner theme restaurant

Tokyo Bay near Tsukiji

Tsukiji Fish Market


Thousands of Vending Machines throughout the streets of Tokyo

Tsujiki Fish Market Sushi Lunch

Whale Sashimi


Imperial Palace, Chiyoda Park

Dragon Bridge, Nihonbashi

Sumo Neighborhood, Ryogoku

Milky Way Festival, Hiratsuka

Our Host, Mao

Buddhist Temple, Hiratsuka

Pacific Ocean

Tokyo Station

Roppongi Street

Fatty Tuna


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