SIWA’s Art and Exhibitions chair, Mihe Shin

An interview with SIWA’s Art and Exhibitions chair, Mihe Shin
By Megan Fox
Mihe Shin is a fine arts photographer who was born and raised in Seoul.  Currently she holds the title of Arts and Exhibitions chair for SIWA.  I joined Mihe at her stunning studio located in Seoul’s designated art district Buamdong to learn more about the women behind the talent and what’s in store for the Arts and Exhibition committee.
Originally working in broadcasting, Mihe left this career shortly after her third child was born to pursue a full time profession in photography. She obtained a Masters degree of Fine Art in photography at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, United States in 2005.  During this time she also worked as a graduate school professor.   After returning to Seoul, Mihe joined SIWA to stay connected with an English speaking community.  She quickly found many outlets to share her creativity with members.
Today she is the women behind the camera at many SIWA events.  You may have spotted her cunningly capturing those perfect images we enjoy viewing in outlets such as SIWA’s flicker page.
  Mihe has been teaching the Photography enrichment class for over four years.  “During the eight week course I work with members to create a body of work consisting of 12-15 images from a theme of their choosing.  We meet each week and also take field trips together to discover each individuals talent.”  Each year enrichment classes are offered to SIWA members during the spring and fall semester.
With the art created by these classes, SIWA has curated exhibitions in Seoul to showcase members’ talents, through Miha’s counsel.  “ We have now had three exhibitions.  What began as a showcase of hanji craft and photography during our first exhibition, has now evolved into a large show with more then six mediums.”  SIWA’s last exhibition was held at Seoul History museum in collaboration with the association’s 50th anniversary.
 At a recent coffee morning Arts and Exhibitions comity announced their future project tentatively entitled SIWA Diaspora.  “Diaspora is a group of people who are scattered from their original homes.  Seoul is the origin of SIWA’s members.  Many members stay here for a time and then continue to another place.  This project will focus on the connection of SIWA members, old, new, present and future, through art.”   The comity will soon have a call for submissions that will be added to a permanent exhibition.   Mihe plans to add to this exhibition by creating family portraits of SIWA members.
Mihe often assists in SIWA tours that involve the art scene in and around Seoul.  “I am always happy to share my knowledge about art to those who are interested in it.” Through Mihe’s understanding of art and willingness to share SIWA’s art community continues to grow and spread throughout the world.

For more information on Mihe Shin’s work you can visit her website at


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