Seoulmates’ Valentine’s Day Date Guide: NANTA

Want to laugh with the one you love? Check out Korea’s most popular show NANTA.  NANTA means ‘Cookin’ in English, and that’s what you will witness as four hilarious chefs prepare a wedding banquet. 
NANTA has performed on Broadway and widely throughout the rest of the world.  Critiques rave over the performance, including, yours truly.  I attended the event with my parents and husband this summer and could not have been more impressed with the hilariously talented cast and show.  
NANTA is a non-verbal play that relies on rhythmic banging of pots and pans and gestures to tell the story.  (This means you don’t have to worry if you don’t speak Korean.)  It has many similarities to the popular American performance ‘Blue Man Group’ but dare I say…may be even more entertaining.
There are four theaters throughout Korea and performances run every night.  So if you are looking to be highly entertained Broadway style check out NANTA!
 CLICK HERE to check out their website. 
Still not sure what you’re in for? CLICK HERE to see a preview of the performance. 
Added bonus:  During February NANTA is offering 20% off when each person in your party brings a chocolate.  To redeem  the discount just click on “Happy Valentine” on their website.
Performance Times
Gangbuk Jeongdong Nanta Theatre

Monday-Sunday & Holidays: 17:00, 20:00

Myeongdong Nanta Theatre

Monday-Sunday & Holidays: 14:00, 17:00, 20:00

Hongdae Nanta Theatre

Monday-Sunday & Holidays: 17:00, 20:00

Jeju Nanta Theatre

Monday-Thursday, Weekends & Holidays: 17:00, 20:00
(Closed on Fridays)

Admission/Participation Fees
VIP seat: 60,000 won
S seat: 50,000 won
A seat: 40,000 won


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