Seoulmates’ Valentine’s Day Date Guide: Han River Lookout Cafes

Han River Lookout Cafes

Want to experience a killer view with your Valentine? (And no we’re not just talking about your dates gorgeous face)  Check out one of the 9 lookouts cafes that have been constructed on top of 6 bridges on the Han-River! 

Each cafe has it’s own menu and style.  Some serve as a place to relax and offer tea, coffee and juice while others also serve alcoholic beverages and have live entertainment. Pick one that suites your style or make a day of it visiting a few! 

Check out Visit Korea’s article to get the full scoop: 

As part of the Hangang Renaissance Project, a total of nine lookout cafés have been constructed, perched upon six of the bridges that span the Hangang River. The waterfront has always been a popular place for family picnics, sports and dates, but the Seoul Municipality is aiming to create an even more comfortable relaxing leisure space. The cafés serve a variety of beverages like tea, coffee and juice. Some also serve alcoholic beverages and offer concerts in the evening. Each has a unique atmosphere and menu so be sure to explore them one-by-one!
1. Yanghwa Bridge ‘Aritaum Yanghwa·Seonyu’ – Oriental & Western Café
Enjoy the night cityscape of Western Seoul from the crane-shaped 80㎡ cafés straddling the Yanghwa Bridge. On the West, is the western-influenced Aritaum Seonyu café. The East side is home to the oriental style Aritaum Yanghwa Café. Both can be accessed from Hangang Park via elevator. 

Aritaum Seonyu (아리따움 선유)’s interior and menu offer customers a taste of western modernism. While enjoying the view of such landmark places as Seonyudo Park, Seonsan Bridge, World Cup Fountain sip on a coffee, herbal tea, a beer or enjoy some snacks and fresh-baked goods. Coffee is around 3000 KRW and you may notice that they sell Fair Trade coffee produced in East Timor. 

The Aritaum Yanghwa (아리따움 양화) café evokes more traditional feelings of the Eastern culture. The atmosphere is created by furniture made with the theme of a traditional house and other traditional items are placed in the café generating an oriental mood. From the Yanghwa visitors may view the National Assembly Building, Dangsan Cheolgyo Bridge and the Yeouido area. In the distance looms the enormous 63 Building as well. The menu is similar to that of Seonyu.
* How to get there
By Subway – Take Line #9 to Seonyudo Stn. Exit #3 -> 15 min on foot
By Car – 
To Seonyu
 (at the downstream side of the southernmost part of Yanghwa Bridge) Northernmost part of Yanghwa Bridge → toward southernmost part of the bridge →Take Olympic Rd. toward the Airport → Go into Seonyudo, Yanghwa Hangang Park → parking lot
To Yanghwa (at the upstream side of the southernmost part of Yanghwa Bridge) Take Olympic Rd toward Jamsil → toward the airport → merge right and take the rightmost lane under Dangsan Cheolgyo (a iron bridge) → into Yanghwa Hangang Park → arrive at the parking lot of the park
· Parking on the bridge is forbidden, use the parking lot inside the park
* Tourist information call +82-2-1330
* Contact No.: Seonyu +82-2-3667-7345 / Yanghwa +82-2-2631-7345 (in Korean)
* Operating hours 11:00 – 23:00 
* Park restrooms available (outside the café)
☞ Nearby Attractions: Seonyudo Park 
2. Hangang Bridge Nodeul·Rio – a romantic lighthouse at Hangang (Riv.)
Nodeul (노들) and Rio (리오), two cafés placed on either side of the Hangang Bridge look just like a lighthouse, overlooking Nodeulseom Island. Although very similar in appearance, they certainly offer a different experience. Nodeul is more like a bar selling traditional beer and wine, while Rio is a café selling coffee and tea. Both offer reasonable prices, with a coffee at Rio setting you back 4,000 KRW while the cost of a German beer at Nodeul ranges from 6,000 to 9,000 KRW. Though it is mostly dark outside at night with little light seen from Nodeul and Rio, the day view is just fantastic. Going inside, you may instantly feel cozy and comfy with the scent of lilac. There is a restroom inside the café relieving the inconvenience of going all the way to the park and using one.
* How to get there
By Subway – Take Line #4 to Ichon Stn. Exit #4 and walk for about 12 min. 
By Car – Going into Ichon District of Hangang Park (Nodeul (at the downstream side of the northernmost part of the bridge) – Rio (at the upstream side of the northernmost part of the bridge)
· No parking on the bridge, use the Hangang parking lot inside the Hangang park
* Tourist Info Call +82-2-1330
* Contact No.: Nodeul +82-2-790-0520 / Rio +82-2-796-2003 (in Korean) 
* Operating Hours: year-round / 10:00 – 02:00 
* Restroom: located inside the cafe
☞ Nearby Attractions: National Museum of KoreaYongsan Family Park
3. Dongjak Bridge Gureum·Noeul – Reaching up to the sky
Outlook café Gureum (구름) and Noeul (노을) are definitely the place to be if you wish to enjoy a fantastic night view of Seoul. The cafés, located on Dongjak Bridge, are placed highest among the nine cafés on Hangang River. On the fifth floor is an outdoor terrace where you can take in the breathtaking night views of Dongjak Bridge, Banpo Bridge and even Hangang Bridge from a distance. At the Gureum Café, you may view “Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Show” at Banpo Bridge from April 1st to October 31st. Meanwhile from the Noeul Café, you can enjoy the sparkling lights of N Seoul Tower in the deepening twilight. The oval-shaped café guarantees a wide-open view from anywhere in the café. Noeul and Gureum Cafés have not only a similar interior but menu. Both cafés offer coffee, tea, liquor and meals. After 7, it is always crowded in both of the cafés, so better to hurry. Noeul Café is known for its excellent coffee, while Gureum provides a soothing experience with its glowing asterism lights and aroma flavor. Noeul and Gureum Cafés have an extensive menu: Coffee is 4,000 – 6,000 KRW, fresh fruit juice 7,000, tea 5,000 – 6,000, beer 5,000 – 8,000. Meals are also served: Pork cutlet is 9,000 – 13,000 KRW and steak is 15,000 ~ 45,000 KRW.
* How to get there
By Subway – Take Line #4 to Dongjak Stn. Exit #1 for Gureum, Exit #2 for Noeul and walk for about 3 min 
By Car – Going into Banpo District of Hangang Park (Noeul (at the downstream side of the southern part of the bridge) – Gueum (at the upstream side of the southernmost part of the bridge))
· No parking on the bridge, use the parking lot of Gureum café on Dongjak Bridge, 24 spaces available
· Gureum Café is the only café among the Hangang lookout cafés that has its own parking lot. It’s a public parking lot and the rate is 300 KRW for 10 min.)
* Tourist Info Call: +82-2-1330
* Contact No.: Noeul +82-2-3481-6555 / Gureum +82-2-3476-7999 (Korean, English) 
* Operating Hours: year-round / 10:00 – 02:00
* Restroom: within Hangang Park (outside the café)
Floating Island: Flower-shaped artificial island floating on the river near the southernmost part of Banpo Bridge.
4. Hannam Bridge ‘Rainbow’ – A cocktail with gorgeous night view
Rainbow lookout café is created under the theme of the bicycle, and naturally it is often frequented by cyclists. If you take an escalator to the 1st floor there is a bike stand. There is a diverse range of bike-related items in every corner of the café. Unfortunately, not all seats have a Hangang River view, but the café offers a great view of Hangang Park and Olympic Bridge from any seat. It’s a great place to have a decently priced cocktail while enjoying the fantastic night views of Seoul. The rice wine cocktail and Rainbow cocktail, made of soju, are a unique delicacy available only at the Rainbow Café. The place offers a wide range of beverages including traditional liquor cocktails, bottled beer and coffee at an affordable price that ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 KRW.
* How to get there 
By Subway – Take Line #3 to Sinsa Stn. Exit #4, or to Nonhyeon Stn. Exit #6,7, then take a transit bus
By Car – Going into Jamwon District of Hangang Citizen Park (Rainbow is located at the upstream side of the southernmost part of Hannam Bridge)
· No Parking is allowed on the bridge, use the parking lot in Hangang Park
* Tourist Information Call +82-2-1330
* Contact No.: +82-2-511-7345 (Korean, English)
* Operating Hours: year-round/ 11:00 – 23:00 
* Restrooms are available within the park (outside the café)
☞ Nearby Attractions: Apgujeong Rodeo Street
5. Jamsil Bridge, ‘Riverview Bom’ – Happy Women’s Café
It’s always spring in Riverview Bom where delicate green plants warmly greet you. Riverveiw Bom works to give a little happiness to every woman who visits the café. After hours, the café, whose feminine interior evokes romantic feelings, is often used as a place to throw surprise parties. Entering the café, customers are instantly greeted by the scent of rosemary and the view of Jamsil Cheolgyo Bridge through the big, wide windows. No meals are served, but you may always enjoy simple snacks such as a toast (2,000 KRW) or some chips (1,000 KRW). The café also offers tea and other beverages at affordable prices (2,000 – 3,000 KRW). Omija tea and sweet pumpkin rice juice are a delicacy of Riverview Bom.
* How to get there 
By Subway  – Take Line #2 to Jamsil Stn, Exit 7 and walk for about 10 min toward Jamsil Bridge 
By Car – Enter Jamsil District of Hangang (Citizen) Park (Riverview Bom: at the upstream side of the Southernmost part of Jamsil Bridge) 
· No parking on the bridge, use the parking lot in Gwangnaru Hangang Park
* Tourist Information Call: +82-2-1330
* Contact No.: +82-2-415-4952 (Korean)
* Operating Hours: year-round / 11:00 ~ 23:00
* Park restrooms available (located outside café)
☞ Nearby Attractions: Lotte WorldLotte World Star AvenueOlympic Park
6. Gwangjingyo Bridge ‘Riverview 8th St.’ – Opera House on Hangang River
Riverview 8th St. is a café located, quite uniquely, under the Gwangjingyo Bridge. It is one of the best observation spots on the Hangang River, with its picturesque view through its glass walls. Here, visitors may view Cheonho Bridge and a wide-open view of the Hangang River flowing on either side of the café. Connected with Gwangjingyo Bridge, the café is readily accessible. The place is also well known as the filming set of the drama ‘IRIS’ which was just completed recently. The performance stage floor is made of glass, allowing people to view the flow of the Hangang River right though the bottom. There is a grand piano performance is held every week with free admission for all.
* How to get there 
By Subway – Take Line #5 to Gwangnaru Stn. Exit #2 or to Cheonho Stn. Exit #2. Then walk for about 15min 
By Car – Park at Gwangnaru Hangang Park, and walk down to Riverview 8th St. to the café located beneath the bridge.
· No parking on the bridge, use the parking lot in Gwangnaru Hangang Park
* Tourist Info Call: +82-2-1330
* Contact No.: +82-2-476-0722 (Korean)
* Official website: (Korean) 
* Operating Hours: year-round / 11:00 – 21:00
* Park restrooms are available (outside the café)
☞ Nearby attractions: Goguryeo Blacksmith Village, Achasanseong Fortress


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