Seoulmates’ Valentines’ Day Date Guide: Fish Pedicures and Jjimjilbang

Need some time to relax with your valentine? If the man in your life isn’t fully ready to commit to a spa day or you are both feeling adventurous, how about trying a fish pedicure! What is a fish pedicure?  You and your date will submerge your bare feet into a modified aquarium pool where tiny carp aka “doctor fish” will nibble away the dead skin cells on your feet.  Namu Geuneul Cafe in Gangnam offers complimentary fish pedicures when you purchase a beverage.
Address:  2/F 1305-3 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu. +82 2 599 1210
Directions: Subway station- Gangnam (Line 2)

Looking for a formal spa experience? Korea’s Jjimjilban are considered to  be some of the most quintessential experiences in Korea. Upon arrival you will be given a cotton uniform and after changing can relax with your Valentine for any number of hours in rooms of varying degrees of temperature and humidity. Escape from the chill of the winter by  relaxing your cold bones in the warm lounge or go for a hot steam. Many Jjimjilbangs offer a variety of entertainment such as gaming rooms, movie viewing rooms, libraries, and food courts.

To find a list of Jjimjilban’s in Seoul Click Here!


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