Seoulmates’ 9th Day of Giving: KFW-Korea Foundation for Women

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 9 Ladies Dancing.  Korea Foundation for Women (KFW) is a not for profit organization that’s vision is to have  a gender-equal society where women`s human rights are secured and the spirit of reciprocity and caring is upheld. Help make women ‘dance through life’  by supporting Korea Foundation for Women. 

January 2nd
                 9th day of giving 

Korea Foundation for Women- KFW
The Korea Foundation for Women (KFW) was established in December 1999, as the first independent non-profit women’s foundation in Korea, by the initiatives and firm commitment of 124 women’s groups and leaders of Korean society to realize “A New Millennium for Our Daughters.” 

They empower women and increase women’s contributions to Korean society, with an aim to achieve gender equality in all sectors and foster an environment where both women and men live in equal dignity and harmony. To this end, the KFW provides various supports to enhance the quality of women’s lives in our society.
It is the KFW’s primary funding program to support women’s NGOs which address gender-discriminatory practices and customs, violence against women and girls, women’s representation and other feminist issues. Every year 12-14 projects are selected and supported. 
The KFW also supports urgent and important issues regarding women and society, in response to specific needs brought up by women’s NGOs.
To learn more or donate click here!
Editors note:  The above information and photos has been taken directly from the charities website to provide the most accurate information possible.
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