Seoulmates’ 7th Day of Giving: Global Village Center Volunteers

December 31st- New Years Eve 
                                                     7th Day of Giving 
Seoul global Village Center Volunteers 
“We are looking for kind-hearted people who are willing to spare some time to help out in the community. We do various kinds of volunteer workincluding food service for the homeless and seniors, helping out at a center for the disabled, cleaning up parks in Yongsan, clothing and food donation drives, and teaching English for underpriviledged children.” -Itaewon Global Village Center 
Help become  involved in your local  community by volunteering to help at one of the Global Village Center programs including craft projects for the disabled, teaching English for less fortunate children, food services activities at homeless shelters and exercise programs.
Find your closest Global Village Center and their website here:
Yeonnam Global Village Center
Yeoksam Global Village Center
Seorae Global Village Center
Ichon Global Village Center
Itaewon·Hannam Global Village Center
Seongbuk Global Village Center
Yeongdeungpo Global Village Center


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