Seoulmates’ 6th Day of Giving: The Beautiful Store

Today is the sixth day of Christmas. On the fifth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me 5 Golden Rings!!!

But do you really need all 5?  If you got too many rings yesterday  or after Christmas have found yourself with just too many things how about donating what you no longer need? 
December 30th 
                    6th Day of Giving
The Beautiful Store
The Beautiful Store is a non-profit corporation that collects used items and sells them for a profit. Items can be dropped off or picked up by the service. Profits are used for international development programs and support for small social enterprises.  The Beauty Store operates more then 100 stores across the nation.  
The above information has been taken from the Beautiful store’s website.
“Donate what you don’t need to those who need it so that your used items become more valuable and meaningful. Items you donate are sold at the Beautiful Store and profits generated from our shops are used to support your neighbors in need“- The Beautiful Store
Donated items can be dropped off or picked up by The Beautiful Store’s free service. Items are sold at the Beautiful Store’s shops or flea market events. To Learn how and what you can donate  Click Here!
Financial donations are also accepted.
Regular volunteers and special activity volunteers are needed to help with The Beautiful Store.  Volunteers can help in all aspects of the charity including volunteering at the shop, working in the call center, aiding in item pick up, helping with flea markets and more! For more information about becoming a volunteer click here!
* Getting involved in caring the world, people and myself
* Paying off my debts of gratitude to the world by doing good
* Putting The Beautiful Stores fundamental goal of a close-knit community and recycling into practice 
* Serving as a cultural activist, a civic activist and a charity manager

At The Beautiful Store we call involvement in our campaign as volunteer activity rather than volunteer service since the involvement makes participants develop themselves as civic activists beyond volunteer helpers. (Taken from the Beautiful Store Website)
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