Seoulmates’ 5th Day of Giving: World Vision Korea

December 29th
  5th Day of Giving

World Vision Korea
About the Charity
Taken from the World Vision Korea Website
In 1950, World Vision was founded in the ashes of Korean Wars. In 1991, World Vision Korea marked its historical
transition into a donor country from a receiving country. In 2006, it was accredited as the only official partner with
WFP among Korean NGOs in recognition of its ministry excellence.

World Vision is accredited as a leading accountable INGO by world’s major charity evaluators including Better Busi-
ness Bureau, Charity Navigator and One World Trust.

World Vision Korea is a partnership entity of World Vision International based in London, United Kingdom, which is
one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations with 40,000 staff working in 100 countries. World Vision Inter-
national is granted the ‘General Consultative’ status by United Nations Economic and Social Council.

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization which respects other religions and does not work on the premise of conversion. World Vision cooperates with leaders of different religions around the world and does not discriminate people against religion, culture, gender and race.

Get Involved
24 Hour Famine
24 Hour Famine provides youth participants with an opportunity to experience difficulties of children who suffer 
from poverty, diseases and war around the world. Since its first launch by World Vision Australia in 1975, 24 Hour 
Famine has been conducted in over 20 countries including New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Japan, England, the US and Korea every year for the last 30 years.
Penny Harvest Fields
Penny Harvest Field, which began in 2008, gathers all coins donated by kindergartens, schools, business and other organizations in the country to perform the miracle of sharing. The coins are used for domestic and overseas children in need. In May, we would like to invite you to the festival of love and sharing!
Child Health Now Campaign
The campaign, “Child Health Now – Every Child is Our Child” is World Vision’s first global campaign that is being held from 2010 to 2015 in an effort to save children under five from preventable and treatable diseases.
Global Citizenship School
Children and youths are trained to become global citizens who participate in addressing global issues to make a better 
world based on sense of responsibility.
Sponsor a Child Overseas or Domestically 
The program most necessary for sponsored children’s community is implemented to gradually change the whole community in cooperation with community people.
Social workers visit sponsored children’s home to learn about their family issues and counsel the children on a regular 
basis. To give a practical assistance to domestic children in need, one child is sponsored by more than one person.
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