Seoulmates’ 11th Day of Giving: PSCORE

January 4th 
               11th Day of Giving

People of Successful COrean REunification

PSCORE is a non-profit, non-religious, non-partisan NGO based in Seoul & Washington, DC. PSCORE strives for mutual understanding and harmony between the two Koreas and aims to provide a platform to discuss topics such as democratization, human rights and social issues. PSCORE hopes to bridge the gap between South Korea, North Korea and the international community. PSCORE is not affiliated with any political organizations.

PSCORE Volunteers
  Living in Korea? You can find volunteering opportunities on our website. Volunteer your time with PSCORE as a tutor to help North Koreans reach their educational goals.  Korean speaking volunteers can assist with subjects such as math, science, computers etc., while English speaking volunteers can assist with English studies. Others include monthly cultural excursions, English classes, 1-1 tutoring, event organization and internship opportunities.
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Grant Writers We are looking for volunteers who are experienced in grant writing (for U.S. or Europe grants) to share grant writing knowledge with our organization.  If you are currently residing in Korea or visiting Seoul for a few weeks please contact us and come share your skills! Please email us at if you are interested.
News Article Translators: PSCORE provides the latest news from North Korea to educate and inform North Koreans, South Koreans and the international community about current events and daily conditions in North Korea. We need volunteers to translate news articles from Korean to English. This is a good opportunity for volunteers who want to know more about the current state of North Korea and who are interested in human rights. Volunteers can work from home. Please email us if you are interested.
Human Rights Internship in Washington DC or SeoulWe are seeking interns to work in either our Washington DC or Seoul, South Korea offices.  The ideal internship candidate would be a student pursuing a degree in law, political science, Asian Studies sociology, economics, foreign policy, East Asian history or international relations and would have experience related to human rights.  A bilingual English/Korean speaker is preferred, however, please do not be discouraged if you are not 100% proficient in either of the languages. Commitment and dedication to the field of human rights is most important to us! Please email us at if you are interested.

Other Ways to Help
1.      Donate! There are opportunities to donate both money and materials.  See our donation page for more information on how your monetary or non-monetary donation can help North Korean defectors. (see donation page here –
2.      Become informed!  See our suggested book/video list to become up to date on how North Korea became what it is today.  Have suggestions for new material? Send them in so that we can update our sources. ( click on Media or email with your suggestions)
3.      Living outside of Korea? You can still join the cause by starting a PSCORE Club in your College, University, Church etc.   Talk about current issues and make plans on how you can support North Koreans from your hometown. (see club page)
4.      Check out our Special Projects!  PSCORE is always preparing new initiatives.  New opportunities are always coming up so make sure to stay up to date with what PSCORE is up to now.  (provide special projects list for example – graphic artist for testimony book)
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