Seoulmates’ 10th Day of Giving: Korean Red Cross

January 3rd
                  10th Day of Giving

Korean Red Cross
The Korean Red cross is a major humanitarian organisation to the Korean people and major humanitarian partner to it’s government, especially in disaster response, blood service and inter-Korean humanitarian issues. Today, they run programmes in disaster preparedness and response, blood transfusion, relief and development in foreign countries, first aid and safety, restoring family links, IHL and much more (in detail below). Among these, their blood service is by far the most expansive and widely recognised, after being entrusted by the government in 1981 to oversee the nation’s entire blood service.
Programs include:
  • Blood Service 
  • Emergency and General Relief
  • Health and Safety
  • Inter-Korean
  • International Operations
  • Youth
In particular, the Korean Red Cross  is very much interested in hearing from prospective volunteers who are:
  • Fluent in multiple languages, including Korean (please view above for our definition of “fluency in Korean”)
  • Able to teach first aid and emergency response in English
  • Experienced in professional fundraising, especially from multinational corporations
  • Experienced in teaching law, especially in fields related to or involving international humanitarian law
  • Experienced in media relations or journalism
  • Experienced in visual communication, especially in photography or Web site designing
  • Experienced in information and communications technology
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One of the best ways you can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people we help is to make a financial donation to us. As a non-profit, humanitarian organization, we heavily depend on these donations to do more, to do better and to reach further.
The donation must be in Korean won. Please wire your donation to Woori Bank 108-05-002144 and make sure the account holder’s name appears as Korean Red Cross.
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Editors Note: Seoulmates’ has taken all above information and photography directly from the Korean Red Cross website to provide as accurate information as possible. 
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