Product Review: Uinfootwear

The end of the summer brought me to New York City for a week.  As the summer days started to cool, it was the perfect weather  for long days of exploration and endless miles of walking.


I LOVE SHOES!  Before I began the expat lifestyle and minimized my wardrobe, my shoe closet was ALWAYS bursting at the seams…since then, I’ve downsized…but still always make sure to have some GREAT footwear in my little wardrobe.  Something that I find difficult is finding comfortable and stylist footwear that will endure lots of miles through my travels.

20160830_122254 shoes

When I was introduced to UIN Footwear I was instantly excited about these shoes!  I love their artistically designed unique style, but the BEST part is their travel themed section!   I personally fell in LOVE  with the Barcelona design since that is where I currently reside…but unfortunately it is currently only available for men.  Maybe a Christmas present for the Mr?


After selecting my pair, I couldn’t wait to try them out.  When they arrived, the style was everything I hoped for, but I was a bit nervous about the quality and comfort.   First day in NYC I slipped my shoes on straight out of the packaging and hoped for the best.  Many times new shoes need some breaking in, but I decided to take my chances. Verdict? THESE shoes are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. They gave me happy feet while prancing all over the many landmarks of New York City!!

brooklyn bridge

My only criticism?  They did seem to get dirty easily.  Granted, New York City is a dirty place, I found that marks were easily visible on them. Other than that I love these shoes and look forward to checking out their new design.

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If you are interested in checking out UIN Footwear you can visit them on Facebook where you will find links to their store!


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