Introducing Lunchcapades


Seoulmates is pleased to announce the launch of our new Food Project: Lunchcapades!  Our new project, spearheaded by Seoulmates Co-Founder Thaddeus and Lunch Aficionado Jonathan, seeks to bring you the very best lunch experiences in Seoul in an easily digestible Instagram format.  Due to the ever changing food landscape of Seoul, it can be difficult to keep up with all the amazing food in the city. Lunchcapades aims to provide the best lunch options available to food enthusiasts, explorers, and English teachers desperate for something different while they are in the city. Lunchcapades will focus primarily on lunch hours and therefore, typically but not exclusively, on the food quality and price instead of atmosphere/drinks and the usual material you see online.  Our goal is not to tell you about the 8,000 won french fries with foie gras at Glam Bar but about the real deal places that people who like food and not just feeling fancy, want to eat. All lunches will be judged on a 5 star scale (including halfs) that reflect price, taste, and quality of food. We will also provide:

Restaurant Name:
Type of Cuisine:
Phone/Website (as available):
Price range:
Our Lunch pick:
Cost of a Coke:
Directions (from the nearest subway stop):

We will primarily push lunch reviews on Instagram and use Seoulmates as a forum for information that is too large for that format.

So If your intrested, start following us on Instagram at: Seoul_Lunchcapades



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