Ride the Pasig River Ferry and Explore Metro Manila by boat

Jump on board the Pasig River Ferry

Whether you are a tourist, expat or local, a wonderful way to see Manila is by taking a ride on the Pasig River Ferry!


When I moved to the Philippines this summer I was told to BRACE myself.   Even though #itsmorefuninthephilippines, a major contrast to island life is the countries’ massive capital, Manila. Although the city is dirty and overcrowded (to name a few issues) I am really enjoying life here! There are tons of things that make this city GREAT…but unfortunately, one thing that can be a real downer is the TRAFFIC! Commuting can be a nightmare, and that 5km taxi ride can easily be an hour trip.


I tried to solve this problem by taking public transportation, but what may possible be worse then sitting on a highway, that is a parking, lot is waiting in an hour long line just to BOARD a bus or the subway.  Sooo…when I read about a ferry service that runs along the Pasig river and goes through the heart of the city I had to give it a try!

From Makati you can take the ferry at Guadalupe station for a pleasant river ride to popular tourist sites like Intramuros or China town (Binondo). The ferry runs about once per hour and it is a great option for sightseeing or a leisurely day exploring Manila.  If you haven’t seen Manila by boat it is a must try!

Price: 50php per trip

line map


  • Relaxing voyage
  • Affordable at only 50 pesos per ride
  • Great for site seeing
    Pass the presidents house, City Post office and see local river life



  • Voyage is slow and takes about one hour from Makati to Intramurous
  • Schedule is not concrete and ferry sometimes leaves before or after printed time

Sky line

post office Bridge


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