While I am living in London for the summer it has been wild to be a spectator of the Brexit Vote! While I won’t voice my personal opinions here…I will use this as a platform to remind you to


….in your countries elections.

As expats it’s so SIMPLE to come up with excuses as to why you are not voting in your countries elections.  Now UK expats are faced with the big question ‘What Now?’ And those who chose not to make their absentee vote count are left with the reality that their voice was not heard.

The Brexit vote is a clear example that your countries elections dramatically effects you even if you are not living there.  As an American that has been living abroad for the last decade it important for me to have leadership that has a strong understanding of foreign policy and encourages globalization.

Don’t put it off before it’s too late.  Head to your countries’ Voters registration website and get an absentee ballot for future elections!

A map of voting eligibility


Learn more about voting from abroad and if you are eligible here!


For American citizen registration Click Here

For United Kingdom registration Click Here




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