East London Market Trail

East London Market Trail

Fancy frolicking through the streets of East London, on a sunshine filled Saturday, whilst visiting some of the cities best markets!? Check out this fun market trail that will be sure to give you your fill of vintage shopping, artisan craft, street food eating fun!

East London Market Trail Map

To start your day find the most convenient tube station for your visit here!


  1. Old Spitalfield’s Market


This 7 day a week market offers different themes throughout the week. Antique fans can rummage around this East London market for a one of a kind keepsake on Thursdays, while lovers of clothes should head there on Fridays.  Start your day with a tasty bite at one of the market’s many food stalls or dive right into shopping. For a full list of market themes and events check out their website.

Open: 7 Days a Week

Closest Tube: Liverpool Station

Old Spitalfield Market

5 minute Walk

2. Brick Lane Market


Just a hop, skip & jump away from Old Spitalfield’s, is Brick Lane Market.  See how Jack the Ripper’s old hangout has evolved into an artistic, edgy wonderland. Wander the countless vintage stores and take in the incredible street art along the way.


Bonus: Looking for some of London’s most economical thrift shops? Head over to East End Vintage Clothing or East End Thrift Store and take advantage of one of their regular pound sales, just a 20 minute walk away.


Hours: 7 days a week- varying times

Closest tube: Aldgate East (8 minutes)

Liverpool Street (10 minutes)

Bricklane Market

15 minutes Walking

3. Columbia Road Flower Market

Follow the old herding roads that sheep formerly walked to their final fates to the now charming Columbia Road. If hitting the trail on a Sunday, don’t miss the fabulously fragrant Columbia Road Flower Market.

Hours: Sunday 8am-3ish/ Shops daily

Closest Tube Station: Hoxton


Bonus: Looking for a little added fun? Take a short diversion from your path and check out one of the cities working farms and feed some friendly animals! Hackney City Farm


12 minutes Walking


4.Broadway Market 

In the heart of Hackney is this East London market,  Broadway Market . Go on Saturday and check out the 130+ stall markets offering fresh farmer’s products, street food and artisan craft.


Hours: Saturday 9-5pm

Closest Tube Station: Bethnal Green

Broadway Market

3 minutes walking

5. Netil Market

Maybe the most tranquil of the markets is the quaint and quiet (er) Netil Market. This East London market is home to permanent traders and comes alive on Saturday with yummy food sellers, vintage stalls and designer-makers selling their ware.


Hours: Saturday 11am-6pm

Closest Tube Station: Bethnal Green

East London Market Trail

Hope you’ve found some hidden treasures in one of these East London Markets!


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