Celebrating High Tea Week with a Sky High View!

Happy High Tea Week!

High Tea Week

Did you know it’s High Tea Week! Me either…but now we both do. I LOVE high tea, so any holiday that is an excuse to go out for one is fine by me.

High Tea Week

What is high tea?

High Tea began when factory workers needed a meal between lunch and dinner to sustain them. It usually involves a pot of tea, bread, vegetables, cheese, and the occasional meat or pie. Today throughout the UK (and also trending in the rest of the world) High Tea’s are typically a fancy affair great for a special occasion! There are many variations on high tea including champagne high tea, dim sum high tea, and much more!


Why is High Tea called high tea?

It’s believed that  high tea has it’s name sake because it was eaten at a table. In comparison, Afternoon Tea was taken while seated in low, comfortable chairs or couches.


Betty's High Tea in York



My first high tea was at Betty’s in York and I will never forget the fine china, polished silver and live pianist accompanying the magical afternoon.






I carried on the fun by hosting High Tea with friends and even having one at my wedding between the ceremony and reception!

My wedding high tea


BUT to celebrate High Tea week in all it’s glory, I took my tea to a whole new height, towering over the city, with breath taking views at Tower 42 in London.

Every table at Tower 42’s restaurant, Vertigo, has a view of the city. I loved the quieter intimate feeling the restaurant gave, as opposed to the larger crowds that some of the other  tower bars in London draw in!

High Tea at Vertigo 42

High Tea at Vertigo 42




If you are interested in celebrating High Tea Week #highteaweek there are many of opportunities to check out in the United Kingdom and ELSEwHERE! Make sure to check for discounted rates on websites like groupon, where I found my Vertigo High Tea for under 20 Pounds pp!


Vertigo 42 Tower High Tea

So pinkies out and cheer’s to a lovely afternoon of tea, nibbles and friendship!


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    High tea? What a great thing and to have a whole week around it? Amazing! Great read.

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