Breaking News: Fire breaks out in Itaewon wiping out almost an entire block!

A monstrous fire broke out this morning, September 30th, 2013, around 7:00 am in Itaewon.  The fire wiped out almost an entire block near Hamilton hotel.  It appears that the fire began at a store located on Itaewon’s Main St and spread to the following block running parallel to Main St.  (This road is often referred to as ‘Restaurant Row’ by foreigners.) Popular international restaurants ‘The Rose and Crowne’ and ‘Deux le Pates’ suffered significant smoke damage.. A section of Itaewon’s Main street from Noksepyoung subway station to Itaewon station was closed while firemen worked for several hours to control the blaze.  It has been confirmed that no one was injured in the fire.



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