Biking Korea’s “Three Brother Islands”- Shindo, Sido and Modo

Biking Korea’s “Three Brother Islands”- Shindo, Sido and Modo

                Want to get out of the hustle and bustle of Seoul for the day?  If you like biking or hiking spending the day on Korea’s ‘Three Brother Islands’ is a great adventure!  

                Shindo, Modo and Sido are three small islands located off the coast of Incheon.  Visitors can arrive at Shindo Island after a short 10 minute ferry ride. From there you can hike, or rent a bike, for the day, to explore all three islands.  Bike rentals are available at shops  just past the ferry station for 10,000 per day.  The small islands are very tranquil with few inhabitants. Modo island is home to only 20 residents. These residents are mainly farmers and fishermen. The islands  house a few guest houses, restaurants and stores. Visitors can also camp on several of the islands’ beaches.  On holidays it may be necessary  to bring your own food, as it is common for food to run out when busy!  Bus transport is also available throughout the islands.  

                Shindo, Modo and Sido island were connected by bridge in 1992.  This makes it possible to bike or walk from island to island.  Departing from Sindo and biking through Sido to Modo will take about four hours, round trip, going at a moderate pace.  The islands have several large hills along the biking roads.  There are also hiking mountains.

                During the day the tides go out revealing mud flats all over the island and coast. This makes it almost impossible to swim on the islands except during early morning or night.  Visitors can enjoy  walking around the mud flats looking for mollusks and other sea critters.

                The scenery  on these tiny islands is so picturesque that they have been used to shoot many popular movies and television shows.  KBS “Full House”  was filmed on Sido Island.  When traveling on the main road there is a large sign on the right hand side marking the location.

                Modo Island houses a sculpture park on Baemikkumi beach.  The beach itself is arguably one of the most beautiful on the islands.  For a 2,000 won fee visitors can enjoy both the unique sculptor park and beach for the day.  There is also a restaurant and guest house on site. Local artist, Lee Il-ho, built his work space on this island and has over 30 pieces on display.  The pieces are displayed to be in harmony with the scenery. The park is famous for being the location of the film “Time” by Kim Ki-Deok.

To get to the islands, travel by subway to Unseo Station.  From there take a taxi to Sammok Wharf where you can pick up a ferry. The taxi trip is about a 20 minute ride.  If you are short on cash and have over an hour to spare, take bus 710 to its final stop, Sammok Wharf. At Sammok Warf you can pick up a ferry departing every hour on the hour.  The ferry cost 4,000 won for adults and 2,600 for children. It runs from 7:10-18:10 each day.



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