Art Show hosted by The Embassy of Guatemala in Seoul

The Embassy of Guatemala, in Seoul, is currently hosting an art show at Gallery Branditrazos  in Pyeonchang-dong Jogno-gu, Seoul.  The show features two artists Angie Chung and Lauro Salas and traditional folk craft of Guatemala.
 The art show kicked off on Wed. Oct. 16, 2013 with an opening attending by many high profile guests. Ambassador Rafael Antonio Salazar Galvez welcomed guests and shared his excitement about the art show.  The event marks the first cultural event held by the new ambassador to Korea.
The ambassador spoke about the long and historical relationship between the two countries noting that there is currently a population of over 12,000 Korean people living in Guatemala today. He explained his interest in hosting future events showcasing Guatemalan Heritage in Korea.  “We are honored and proud to represent Guatemala and wish for warm cultural relations between our countries.  I would like to congratulate the artist for making the effort to make art that captures the beauty of our country in its fullest. I hope this marks the beginning of many future expeditions displaying Guatemalan heritage in Seoul.”
Artists Angie Chung was also in attendance.  Her enthusiasm about the event was evident as she explained her art work to visitors and why she is passionate about Guatemala. “”Guatemala, met for the First Time” is an exhibition, through which I tried to create a representational collection of a vast spectrum of beauty that Guatemalan life has to offer. I focused on illustrating the inescapable and ubiquitous sense of pureness I find in Guatemalan landscapes through applying colors that are based on my impressions and feelings towards every place.”
Chung was born in Korea and spent the first fourteen years of her life here. She spent her adolescence and early adulthood in Guatemala. She attributes her years in Guatemala as being a placed where she learned many important life lessons including embracing and being embraced by a new culture.
Chung also spent years living in India and the United States. During her time in these countries, she felt spiritually reborn.  In the United States she discovered her artistic abilities.  After discovering her artistic abilities, she returned to Guatemala to educate others. “I decided to go back to Guatemala with the hope of sharing my knowledge and experience with the art and art education communities of Guatemala as well as the Korean-Guatemalan youth. It has been truly rewarding to contribute and exchange various cultural and artistic influences in so many different ways. The growing popularity of Korean culture in overseas countries made my journey through the world a lot of fun as well.”
Chung’s pieces are landscapes of places throughout Guatemala. The landscapes are broken up by small squares she refers to as ‘the stained glass technique’. I utilized what I call, the stain glass technique on either a portion or the entire composition in order to represent the personal stained glasses that we all carry as we behold the world. I hope that the audience here in Korea can share my stained glass and also try placing their own stained glass on top and create a new world, where my heart and their hearts interact and interchange. It has been 20 years since I could no longer call Korea my country of residence. With this exhibition and the works of my art that will stay here, I can now say that a great big piece of me lives in Korea, my mother land.”

The art show is being held until Nov 15.   For more information you can visit Banditrazos website:



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