Megan Fox

Hi! I’m Megan Fox, the author of Travel Elsewhere.

A visual artist by profession and a sightseer at heart, I worked as a commercial photographer before letting my urge to Travel ELSEwHERE take over. After receiving a job offer that lead me to a sleepy town high in the Tuscan mountains, my travel adventure began. Since that time my travels have lead me to visit over 60 countries, marry a fellow globetrotter, move intercontinentally nine times and create  a temporary home in four continents!

Through my travels, I’ve held many suitcases packed for adventures as a journalist, blogger, philanthropist, teacher, army-wife, magazine director, photographer, barmaid….but mainly just an adventurer.

With each new experience, elsewhere, I endeavor to live sensibly while exploring a new culture, living sustainably, and giving back whenever possible. I aspire to make this travel blog help those starting a new life elsewhere or just passing through…

So come join me on my Adventure!


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  • November 3, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    Heyah! Ah see we have a lot in common! What are you teacher of? Good luck with your adventures!


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